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Welcome to The Bariatric Dish!

Hello everyone, and welcome to The Bariatric Dish! I’m Lori, and I’m so excited to welcome you to my new blog! I’m a Registered Nurse, Certified Bariatric Nurse and a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP). I formerly ran Healthy Wholesome Me, a blog designed to share general nutritional education and recipes. I’m somewhat of a veteran bariatric patient having undergone gastric bypass surgery twelve years ago. My bariatric journey has been mostly successful, but it has also been extremely complicated, often frightening and never easy. You can read about the details of my story here. Suffice it to say, I’ve been through most all the ups, downs, successes, set backs and dangers of this road, and my goal is to be a resource of support, experience and education to others navigating the many stages of this challenging journey.

Who is The Bariatric Dish for?

Weight loss surgery is a process. Maybe you are just starting a conversation with your doctor about considering surgery, or you might already be anxiously awaiting a surgery date to be set. Maybe you are adjusting to the early stages of life after bariatric surgery, or you may be a gastric bypass veteran, who, like me, still struggles with tolerating specific foods or entire food groups and are searching for ways to improve that. Or maybe you have no desire to have weight loss surgery but you are looking to improve your health and wellness by leaving the Standard American Diet (SAD) behind. The Bariatric Dish is here as a developing resource with all of you in mind.
With that said, I hope you find the content shared here on The Bariatric Dish helpful to you whatever your situation and that you come back often to see what’s new. If you are interested in learning more about my story, philosophy on food choices and the bariatric diet, I have created a dedicated page where you can learn more about the how and why of what I’m about. Thank you so much for joining me on this new adventure! I can’t wait to share my recipes and nutritional education with you!


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By Lori Newlon

Lori is a Registered Nurse, Certified Bariatric Nurse and a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, with a passion for learning about holistic, "real food" nutrition with a focus for Bariatric patients. She has a firm belief that nutrition plays a pivotal role in not only maintaining your weight, but also supporting your health and wellness through out your weight loss journey!

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