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I can finally tell you my secret..

2016 Obesity Help Conference

Me, Kirk and RainI know, I know that was such a dirty trick and total click bait on my part but I am truly excited to finally get to share my secret. Some of you may not know that last September, at the 2016 Obesity Help Conference, I had the pleasure of sitting with two other weight loss surgery veterans speaking about healthy eating after weight loss surgery. It was exciting, terrifying and completely empowering and I. was. hooked! Speaking about bariatric real food nutrition and sharing my story with others is what I have been lead to do, and I'm so happy to announce that I'm going to be returning again this year to speak at the 2017 Obesity Help Conference in Long Beach!!



This year I will be talking about "Setting yourself up for success while traveling and eating out." I'll talk about ways to make healthier choices, remain focused and still enjoy those important social situations while traveling and navigating through restaurants. It's going to be a fun Saturday and you are in for a treat with all of the speakers and their topics. This conference is full of helpful information from bariatric professionals and full of inspirational stories from other weight loss surgery folks, I'm confident you will leave with new ideas, knowledge and perhaps most importantly new friends! If you are interested in attending I have attached a link where you can find all the information about purchasing ticket, hotel accommodations and all the fun events for those two days. I sincerely hope to see you there and please don't hesitate to come introduce yourself, I'd love to meet you and hear your story!

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By Lori Newlon

Lori is a Registered Nurse, Certified Bariatric Nurse and a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, with a passion for learning about holistic, "real food" nutrition with a focus for Bariatric patients. She has a firm belief that nutrition plays a pivotal role in not only maintaining your weight, but also supporting your health and wellness through out your weight loss journey!

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